Social Remix began as a very simple concept. It was a way for me to easily see some of the important factors in getting my social media messages just right for the social networks I wanted to share them on.

As a social media manager with over 10 years of experience, I knew that every social network had it’s own different “rules of engagement” so to speak. What worked on Facebook wouldn’t necessarily work on LinkedIn. And what worked on Instagram wouldn’t necessarily work on Instagram.

And on, and on…

There are so many different nuances to keep track of for the various social networks, that it became a real headache to try and remember things like:

  • How many characters is the optimal tweet?
  • How many hashtags should I have on Instagram?
  • What are the ideal image sizes for Facebook?
  • Should I use an emoji on LinkedIn or not?

The data was out there. The optimal specifications have been studied and tested, and the savvy social media marketer could probably keep a good deal of them stored away in a safe place.

But what if there was a way to make this data easily accessible? What if there was a way to leverage the big data studies, the expert tips and tactics, and all the optimal specifications and have them given to you on a silver platter, right when you needed them?

This is where the idea for Social Remix was born.

To be continued…